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    Who we are

    S.M ISMAIL & CO (SMICO Group) was founded in 1955 and has evolved from trading into Processing, Branding & Distribution of Agro Commodities to become Pakistan’s No.1 Premium Rice Company. We have more than 60 years of experience providing customers with quality food products, which are certified and recognized by established authorities in Pakistan. Our rice undergoes extensive grain sorting and strict quality testing before being sold. We have well-established distribution network locally and overseas for supply of rice and other agri products. Our operations are supported by a strong culture of innovation, technological advancement and customer relations, which ensure the company continually evolves to satisfy customer needs. SDSC_3646 copy

    Our Vision

    We strive to provide the best rice product solutions to enhance the business competitively of our customers.

    Our Mission

    1. To be the preferred rice product solutions partner worldwide.
    2. To provide excellent quality rice products to our consumers to meet their changing needs.
    3. To establish a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship with all our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, colleagues and shareholders, with reasonable returns and benefits.

    Our Values

    Integrity We uphold our values and beliefs at all times and be respectful, honest and open to all our stakeholders, listening and learning from each other.   Commitment We always strive to do the right thing, delivering the best quality and highest standards. Teamwork We work with each other to grow and improve every day, and to encourage and motivate one another. SDSC_3647 copy

    Customer Satisfaction

    We are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The customer is the most important person in the entire business cycle at SMICO RICE.
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  • Brand & Packaging

    S.M ISMAIL & CO is the Exporter & Supplier of Premium Best Quality Basmati Rice Brands.


    Unique quality and ultra-superior cooking of this extra-long grain premium Pakistan’s Super Kernel Basmati rice SMICO brand is the naturally aromatic, aged to perfection best luxury rice anyone can have. The best of the best touch your tongue can feel, we call it SMICO – THE KING OF RICE ~


    The Parboiled Sella Touch, exceptional & one of a kind Supreme Basmati rice which will purely flounce you off your feet! Very much loved in Pakistani Biryani, Greatest of the great parboiled basmati rice, a delicacy, pleasure and zest every rice aficionado desires is AL –TAYYABA – THE QUEEN OF RICE ~


    It is of the paramount best rice brand of SM ISMAIL which makes it a pioneer in basmati world. Supreme quality and influential basmati is what we call COMMANDER. Known for its slender long grain and natural aroma, it has conquered the taste buds and tremendously appreciated all over the world.


    With its name, starts the modus operandi. For its quality, we are known. Chawalwale, with the pureness and clarity, SM ISMAIL brings you the one of its kind superior Basmati. Get in touch with this tremendously appreciated and naturally fragranced Super Basmati Rice we call “CHAWALWALE”.


    For every tongue, there is an inimitable different taste. Come and dive into Gold. Let your taste buds realize what “4-BROTHERS GOLDEN RICE” feels like. SMISMAIL presents the number one elite quality parboiled rice known to consumers. There are a whole lot of different tastes to enjoy. We urge you to enjoy 4-BROTHERS Gold because it shines.

    PACKING: The rice is packed in standard 500 PP bags of Net Weight 50Kgs in 20′ container. We can offer packaging in 1kg, 2kgs, 5Kgs, 10 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 25 Kgs, and others. Art work is done free of cost. All varieties of bags are available with us.
  • Quality

    SMISMAIL’s Quality Assurance department oversees all production and packaging of our products directly at our suppliers’ facilities together with their own appointed quality control representative. Working together they ensure that all quality control measures carried out meet the criteria of established procedures enforced at the supplier’s premises. Contrary to the competition, we personally manage the packaging material warehouse movements. This very expensive step allows us to have full quality control over the products used and provides an accurate inventory of packaging materials thus ensuring the continuity of customer supply.

  • Contact Us

    Corporate Office Pakistan

      S.M ISMAIL & COMPANY Ground Floor, Suit # 7, Valika Chamber, Altaf Hussain Road, New Challi, Karachi-Pakistan. +92 213 2627001, 2627002, 2627003 F +92 213 2620764 E smismail@cyber.net.pkinfo@smicopk.com www.smicopk.com Skype: zaid.tariq2

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Aromatic Rice From the fields to your table

S.M Ismail & Co | Since 1955

6 decades of illustriousness in rice trading can conveniently be attributed to the groundbreaking efforts of the founder of S.M ISMAIL & Co : the late Sheikh Muhammad Ismail. The standards set by S.M ISMAIL & Co were unparalleled in the local markets and over time the name became synonymous with the highest level of quality in the rice trade; and gained the trust of rice merchants.
We  never compromise in quality.
The Natural process we follow keep the tasty preserve & healthy.
Our Products come in great & certified packing.

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